Sunflower Journeys Program 1304

Sunflower Journeys Program 1304

  • $ 1000

Radio Reflections: A look at a few of the pioneers of commercial radio stations in Kansas. Radio station KFKB, dubbed the “Sunshine Station” by its founder, went on the air in 1923 from Milford, Kansas. Dr. J. R. Brinkley, known for his controversial “goat gland operations” designed to restore male virility, constructed KFKB with profits from his medical practice and went on the air with country music and programs such as “The Medical Question Box.” Huck Boyd: A Kansas newspaperman from Phillipsburg, Kansas. As publisher of the Phillips County Review, McDill “Huck” Boyd believed in helping small communities survive. Several organizations have since been set up in Boyd’s name to carry on the mission of supporting rural America. Digital TV: Just as newspapers and radio stations have had to adapt to changing technology, broadcasters now face the transition to digital television, and “HDTV” (High Definition television). Digital television offers a larger picture, better sound and many other new services that will revolutionize television. Take this journey exploring how broadcasters will make the transition from analog to digital.

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