Sunflower Journeys Program 1411

Sunflower Journeys Program 1411

  • $ 1000

Bridges of Cowley County: Sunflower Journeys stops first in Arkansas City, where a local teacher’s sketches have led an influx of visitors to tour the historic stone Bridges of Cowley County. Cedar Vale & the Big Caney River: Sunflower Journeys stops to reflect on life in the small southeastern Kansas town of Cedar Vale and explore the community’s relationship with the Big Caney River. Tour of local sites follows the river as it winds its way toward Elgin, once known as “the town too tough to die.” The Emmett Kelly Museum: Sedan is the final stop for this show. Sunflower Journeys talks with a local resident who recalls the world famous circus clown who made his name on the sad-faced character “Weary Willie”.

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