Sunflower Journeys Program 1507

Sunflower Journeys Program 1507

  • $ 1000

The Harvey House: Sunflower Journeys visits the Harvey House Museum in Florence, Kansas, where volunteers serve a meal to mimic that of famed entrepreneur Fred Harvey. Harvey House restaurants served early railroad travelers with unprecedented elegance during brief train stops, making it the earliest form of “fast food”. Pizza Hut: Explore fast food in the 20th century with a look at Pizza Hut. Sunflower Journeys talks with Dan Carney, who created the franchise with his brother during their college days at Wichita State University. Pizza Hut made the Italian pie one of America’s favorite dishes and went on to become the world’s largest pizza chain. Chicken Annie’s & Chicken Mary’s: Move from global to local with a trip to Pittsburg, Kansas. There, Sunflower Journeys examines the truth behind the legendary rivalry between Chicken Annie’s and Chicken Mary’s. Viewers learn the history of the two restaurants and see how both have served Kansans successfully since the 1940s.

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