Sunflower Journeys Program 1703

Sunflower Journeys Program 1703

  • $ 1000

Frontier Railroads: Sunflower Journeys looks at the emergence of frontier railroads in Kansas. Even though little track was laid during the territorial period, the politics of the railroad industry played an important role in the state’s settlement. Santa Fe Shops: Go inside the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Shops in Topeka, where the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad built cars and engines. Sunflower Journeys explores the history of the shops as well as the cultural changes to the surrounding neighborhoods. Great Overland Station: Sunflower Journeys heads to North Topeka for a look at the restoration of the Union Pacific Depot, now known as the Great Overland Station. Artisans, historians and construction workers spent many months bringing the depot back to its original grandeur.

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