Sunflower Journeys Program 1903 & 1094

Sunflower Journeys Program 1903 & 1094

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Episode #1903- "Embracing Community"
We start in Wichita for this Sunflower Journeys program, visiting the African American museum. Far more than just a museum, it is also a community center that involves the local residents in diverse activities. Next, we visit with Jim Richardson, a National Geographic photographer who is as equally comfortable photographing images around the world as he is documenting small town life in rural Kansas. And finally, we look at the skateboard/BMX bicycle craze where community-based facilities allow two brothers to express their skills in our Plains People segment.

Episode #1904- "Food & Drink"
Kansas City is known worldwide for its barbecue, and in this Sunflower Journeys' segment we learn about the early history of some legendary barbecue restaurants, including Arthur Bryant's and Gates BBQ. Next, we find out about the Arbuckle Coffee Company, which pioneered the roasting and packaging of coffee beans used by cowboys on the Kansas range. And finally, in our Plains People segment, we look at the pre-dawn process of cheese making in Alma's famous creamery and meet some interesting folks who love to make cheese.

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