Sunflower Journeys Programs 2211, 2212 & 2213

Sunflower Journeys Programs 2211, 2212 & 2213

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#2211: “Sustainable Communities”

Sustainability: Learn what’s going on at K-State and in the town of Manhattan, Kansas as they
commit to becoming more sustainable.

Simran Sethi: An environmental journalist moves to Lawrence, Kansas, from New York and shares
her observations about sustainability efforts in the Sunflower State.

Plains People - Bill Smalley: A huge fan of wind power, Bill Smalley strives to make wind energy a
reality for more people. See him set up a small wind turbine at an elementary school.

#2212: “Plainspoken Folks”

Populist Personalities: Meet some of the main characters associated with the Populist Movement in
Kansas at the end of the 19th century - Mary Lease, Annie Diggs, William Pfeffer and “Sockless” Jerry

Countryman's Kansas: As Gene Countryman’s radio show in Wichita celebrates its 20th
anniversary, we meet the host of this program and learn about the program’s ongoing popularity.

Plains People - James Harkness: See how James Harkness shares his love of the art of clowning
in Emmett Kelly’s home town of Sedan, Kansas.

#2213: “Governor’s Hill”

Cedar Crest: See where Kansas governors used to live before the state obtained Cedar Crest, and
find out how this stately residence overlooking Topeka came into being.

Kaw River State Park: A new state park takes shape along the Kansas River in Topeka. Mike
Hayden provides insight into why the new park was created and what types of features the park will offer.

Plains People - Bob Homan: Meet Bob Homan, a man who organizes the Twisted Lines Kite
Festival in Topeka. Visit the festival and learn how kite flying can appeal to adults as well as kids.

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