Sunflower Journeys Programs 2307-2308

Sunflower Journeys Programs 2307-2308

  • $ 2000

#2307 - We'll see what's been happening with a smalltown hardware store in Wheaton, Kansas, where a family business adapts to changing times; tour St. Mary's Church in St. Benedict, which has been identified as one of the "8 Wonders of Kansas Art;" and meet Justin Marable, a young artist who conveys his impressions of rural Kansas scenes through his printmaking.

#2308 - We'll spend some time with a family in Stark, Kansas, that has developed a number of businesses in their little town; move on to explore a "secret" garden that has been uncovered in Elk Falls, Kansas; then meet Megan McCurdy, a Wichita resident who has learned how to keep up a fast pace to get the job done as a auctioneer.

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