Sunflower Journeys Programs 2401-2402

Sunflower Journeys Programs 2401-2402

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#2401 - “Launching the Sesquicentennial”

Kansas Day: Statehouse Kickoff & KS 150:
In this segment we see how the state historical society helped get the Sesquicentennial ball rolling by watching a few special events that happened around Kansas Day, January 29th - 2011, including an open house at the Kansas Museum of History. We also visit a 150 - themed exhibit at the Topeka-Shawnee County Library.

Kansas Statehood Ball: Learn how Abilene, KS staged a special event to mark the 150th by teaching dance moves from that time in history. Period costumes graced the dance floor as a group of history enthusiasts shared the customs of the years surrounding the birth of our state.

Plains People - Dale Nimz: We introduce you to Dale Nimz, an architect who has been on a Kansas State Historical Society-sponsored mission to help identify historic structures built around the time that Kansas became a state. Dale shows his passion for vernacular architecture by touring properties in and near Topeka, KS.

#2402 - “Statehood & the Civil War”

Order #11: We look at the story of the “Burnt District” from the Border War era when people living on the Kansas-Missouri border were told to leave their farms and homesteads.

Localizing the Civil War: We visit Humboldt and Iola to listen to readings of personal stories of folks from that area who were dealing with the challenges of the Civil War.

Plains People - Mother Bickerdyke: Ellsworth resident Lu Adams took on the task of learning everything she could about the life and times of Mary Bickerdyke, a Civil War nurse. “Mother Bickerdyke,” as she was called, sacrificed her quiet life in Kansas to help troops suffering on the front lines of the Civil War.

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