Kansans You Should Know

Kansans You Should Know

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This 3-DVD set features 25 notable Kansans, hand picked from the KTWU SUNFLOWER JOURNEYS series' A unique group of many historical figures- a few of which are lesser- known individuals, but had major contributions to history (For example in 1887, Susanna Madora Salter was the first woman to be elected town mayor, right here in the state of Kansas.) Others are more famous individuals such as President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Walter P. Chrysler, Amelia Earhart, Gordon Parks and Thomas Hart Benton.  Enjoy these concise, entertaining biographies of some of the leaders of the "Sunflower State" because they are all definitely Kansas You Should Know. 

Nancy Kassebaum Baker
Thomas Hart Benton
Huck Boyd
C.L. Brown
John Brown
George Washington Carver
Walter P Chrysler
John Steuart Curry
Amelia Earhart
Dwight Eisenhower
Fredrick Funston
Langston Hughes
Father Emil Kapaun
Jack Kilby
Alf Landon
Karl Menninger
Oscar Micheaux
Carrie Nation 
Clarina Nichols
Gordon Parks
Susana Madora Saltar
Kathleen Sebelius
Harry Sinclair
Elvera Voth 
William Allen White

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