Sunflower Journeys 2000 Series

Sunflower Journeys 2000 Series

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The new 13-episode season featured a link back in time to the many places and stories discovered over the past two decades of travels across Kansas. In each new episode, the SUNFLOWER JOURNEYS' team connected with an earlier trip and updated or revisited that story to see how the march of time has affected the participants or the places. Over the course of the new 20th season, SUNFLOWER JOURNEYS took viewers to travel the orphan trains, sing with the cowboys of the modern west, test their endurance on the "Spirit of the Prairie" run, experience a poet's perspective in the Flint Hills, see how Hollywood is still fascinated by the Kansas connection with a famous author, drive a car that runs on french fry grease and organize a symphony on the prairie.

Episode #2001- "SJ20th: Revisiting Solomon Valley"

Episode #2002 - "SJ20th: Back to the Red Hills"

Episode #2003 - "SJ20th: On the Oregon Trail"

Episode #2004 - "SJ20th: Revisiting Monroe"

Episode #2005 - "SJ20th: Orphan Train History"

Episode #2006 - "SJ20th: Inge Endures"

Episode #2007 - "SJ20th: Midland Railway"

Episode #2008 - "SJ20th: Books in Kansas"

Episode #2009 - "SJ20th: Nicodemus Today"

Episode #2010 - "SJ20th: Capote Fascination"

Episode #2011 - "SJ20th: RenFest"

Episode #2012 - "SJ20th: Spirit of the Prairie"

Episode #2013 - "SJ20th: Territorial Touring"

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