Sunflower Journeys Program 1504

Sunflower Journeys Program 1504

  • $ 1000

Teaching Kansas History: The first story focuses on the teaching of Kansas history. After years of de-emphasizing state history in public school curriculum, legislators recently voted to once again stress Kansas history in the classroom. Sunflower Journeys talks to one Kansas history teacher and learns why she believes it plays a crucial role in Kansans’ identity. Principals and Teachers: The second story explores the important role of public school principals and teachers in Kansas. As states across the nation face teacher shortages, Sunflower Journeys looks at challenges faced by teachers and principals in today’s schools in Manhattan, Lawrence and Topeka. Home Schooling: The final story looks at home education in Kansas. Once viewed as an outsider form of education, home schooling is rapidly growing in popularity and acceptance. Sunflower Journeys goes into the home of one family that has chosen home education and explores the values and challenges of home schooling.

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