Sunflower Journeys Program 1506

Sunflower Journeys Program 1506

  • $ 1000

Straw Bale Homes: Take a look at a method of building first used by pioneers on the plains. Sunflower Journeys meets two couples who’ve chosen to build their homes using straw bales. Though 72 labor intensive, some Kansans are finding that straw bale construction can provide a stylish and energyefficient housing option. Downtown Living: Sunflower Journeys ventures above downtown storefronts to see why some residents of Salina are choosing to live in New York-style lofts. Viewers will see the interiors of a few of these unique living spaces as well as learn why the idea is capturing the imagination of other Kansas communities. Building Community: Explore a new idea for the ever-popular sub-division. Two new housing developments in and around Lawrence are bringing back front porches and putting garages in alleys behind the houses. Sunflower Journeys talks to the developer of these new neighborhoods and sees how this revival of traditional design improves community living.

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