Sunflower Journeys Program 1603

Sunflower Journeys Program 1603

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The Meridian Highway: Sunflower Journeys examines the vision behind the construction of a road that stretched from Canada down to Mexico, passing through central Kansas. Known as the Meridian Highway, it eventually became US Highway 81. 2003: 1600 Series In its 16th season, Sunflower Journeys crossed a new milestone when it aired its 200th episode on February 27, 2003. This was also the first full season of programs to offer closed captioning service, which was well received by viewers. 76 Reading Roadside Kansas: This story explores roadside architecture in Kansas from the early to mid-20th Century. Viewers will see examples of some of the architectural styles, and learn how these structures were influenced by the automobile as well as other factors. Bike to the Past: Sunflower Journeys lands in Osborne County, where a group of local boosters combine the sport of biking with historical education. The bike tours give visitors and locals alike the chance to learn about local history while enjoying the fresh air and open roads of north central Kansas.

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