Sunflower Journeys Programs 2201-2202

Sunflower Journeys Programs 2201-2202

  • $ 2000

#2201: “Storytelling & Filmmaking”

I, Too, am America: Travel to the National Park Service sites in Kansas with some award-winning
middle-school students to see a “behind the scenes” look at a documentary KTWU produced the
proceeding summer.

Digital Ethnography: Explore the impact of digital technology and the internet on education and
interpersonal communication. Dr. Michael Wesch and his anthropology students at K-State have created
some eye-opening videos that explore these topics.

Plains People - Team 12:22: Visit the Wild West Film Festival in Lawrence and follow Team 12:22
Productions through the contest. Shawn Collins and David Uhler, both from Topeka, create a film in a 48-
hour marathon.

#2202: “Images of Kansas”

F. M. Steele: Learn about F. M. Steele, a photographer in southwestern Kansas who composed
striking images of cowboys out on the range during the period from 1890 to 1905.

The Nature of Kansas Lands: See how Edward Robison and Kyle Gertsner, two modern-day
photographers, have portrayed the natural beauty of Kansas lands.

Plains People - Stan Herd: An internationally-known American crop artist, Stan creates images,
or “Earthworks,” on large tracts of farmland. We tag along as he creates on one of his earthworks.

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