Sunflower Journeys Programs 2209-2210

Sunflower Journeys Programs 2209-2210

  • $ 2000

#2209: “Musical Roots”

Eva Jessye: Learn about the life and legacy of a woman, originally from Coffeeyville, Kansas, who
was a key figure in George Gershwin’s production of “Porgy & Bess.” Jessye was a poet, singer of African-
American spirituals and a choral director.

Barbershop Music: Learn how a chance meeting of two Tulsa, Oklahoma, businessmen in
downtown Kansas City, Missouri, led to the international preservation of the tight harmonic sound we call
Barbershop Music.

Plains People - Suki Willison: Meet Suki Willison, a women who has immersed herself in bringing
awareness to blues music as the manager of Uncle Bo’s nightclub in Topeka, Kansas.

#2210: “Skitterish Critters”

The Lizards of Oz: Herpetologists track a colony of the elusive Italian Wall Lizard, which continues
to thrive in a Topeka neighborhood years after the closure of a pet store prompted its escape.

Black-Footed Ferrets: Find out why black-footed ferrets have been released on a western Kansas
ranch populated by prairie dogs.

Plains People - Melody Weller: Wildlife rehabilitator Melody Weller takes wounded and sick
wildlife to her home and cares for them until they are well enough to release back to nature.

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