Sunflower Journeys Program 1403

Sunflower Journeys Program 1403

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The Golden Eagle Casino: This program begins with a visit to the Golden Eagle Casino near Horton. Here Sunflower Journeys talks with members of the Kickapoo Nation about the local impact of casino gaming. Amanda Shaw joined Dave Kendall as the series cohost for the 14th season of Sunflower Journeys. 2001: 1400 Series Rekindling a popular theme from a few years ago, this season of Sunflower Journeys takes to the roads less traveled for a cultural tour of Kansas. The series follows a geographic route around the state on two-lane highways, stopping in to visit the people, sights and stories that make up the Sunflower State. 67 Clean Water Farms: The next stop is the Kansas Rural Center in Whiting, where Sunflower Journeys introduces viewers to a program called Clean Water Farms, which helps farmers reduce runoff that carries topsoil and pollutants into streams and lakes. County Fairs: The show ends up in Blue Rapids for a visit to the Marshall County Fair. Sunflower Journeys explores the history and importance of county fairs in small communities.

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