Sunflower Journeys Programs   2107-2108

Sunflower Journeys Programs 2107-2108

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2107: “Western Lore”

Buffalo Bill in Kansas: Bill Cody wasn't a Kansas native, but he spent time here shooting buffalo under contract with the railroad. The town of Oakley commissioned an artist to create a larger-than-life bronze statue of Buffalo Bill. Raymond Wilson, a professor of history at Ft. Hays State University, gives us more background on young Bill, his time in Kansas and his later career with western shows.
Drovers Hall of Fame: Ellsworth’s Signature Insurance Building is in the process of getting an extreme make-over. The community has developed a plan to save the building and repurpose the space for the National Drover’s Hall of Fame Museum. We observe a cattle drive down the center of the town’s main street, which was part of a benefit to raise money for the project.
Plains People - John Schaffner: John Schaffner doesn’t cook much indoors because he makes “too much of a mess.” But give him a few Dutch ovens and 70 hungry cowhands and this part-time trail cook is in his element.

2108: “Out on the Farm”

Farm Safety for Kids: People who live in the country know that farming can be a dangerous occupation. It can be especially dangerous for kids. We learn about an education program intended to help keep young kids safe, while working or playing on the farm.
Hudson Cream Flour: For more than 100 years, a milling operation in the small town of Hudson, Kansas, has been turning wheat into a variety of flour products. We head to Hudson to see how one of the last remaining independent flour mills in the country produces its Hudson Cream Flour.
Plains People - Harvest Farm & Pumpkin Patch: For many folks who live in cities, an annual fall ritual involves a trip to the country to pick up a few pumpkins at the farm. In this segment, we meet a farm family in Reno county who not only open their farm to ecotourists, but entertain the visitors with the aid of a pumpkin cannon they call “The Pumpkinator.”

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