Sunflower Journeys Programs  2109-2110

Sunflower Journeys Programs 2109-2110

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2109: “Selfless Servants”
Life in a Jar: Several years ago, some high school students in the southeast community of Uniontown, Kansas, embarked on a history day project that has had more of a lasting impact than they could have ever imagined. Through their research, they uncovered the story of a Polish woman whose actions saved thousands of children from Nazi concentration camps during World War II. Sisters of St. Joseph of Concordia: Located in Concordia, Kansas, the Sisters of St. Joseph recently celebrated their 125th anniversary. The Catholic sisters formed an apostolic community, whose mission is to go out into society and meet the needs of the people, whatever those needs might be. Other orders of the time were quietly cloistered, making the Sisters of St. Joseph a very different organization.
Plains People - Dr. Rebecca Allard: Several years back, the network television show Northern Exposure portrayed a doctor who was grudgingly “forced” to practice in a remote Alaskan village while he was paying off his loans for medical school. That’s not how the process of becoming a doctor worked for Dr. Rebecca Allard. In this segment, we learn how working in a clinic in St. Francis, Kansas, was exactly what this doctor was looking for.

2110: “Adaptation & Growth”
Carbon & Our Climate: What role does the prairie play in counteracting global warming? We head out on the Konza Prairie near Manhattan to learn about some award-winning research that’s being done on that subject.
Rebuilding Greensburg: It was May 4, 2007, when Greensburg, Kansas, was devastated by a tornado that hit the small south central Kansas community. In this segment, we look at how the people of Greensburg commemorated the first anniversary of the tornado, how much the city has come back in the first year, and what their hopes are for the future as they attempt to rebuild as a “green” community.
Plains People - Charles Eby: While some folks like to spend their retirement years sitting on front porches, Charles Eby would rather be out building them for needy families. After years of managing construction projects from behind a desk, he now spends his time volunteering at various agencies in Wichita, including Habitat for Humanity.

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