Sunflower Journeys Program 1309

Sunflower Journeys Program 1309

  • $ 1000

Wheat People Exhibit: Sunflower Journeys tours an installation at the Kansas Museum of History called “Wheat People.” This exhibit presents personal narratives of farm families in Kansas who engage in wheat production, giving visitors the opportunity to see what life is like for these families at the time of year when their crop is harvested. Wheat Harvest 1999: Sunflower Journeys takes a closer look at the challenges presented to wheat farmers by low prices and inclement weather. The Stoskopf family of Barton County describe how prolonged rains and destructive hailstorms affected their harvest during the summer of 1999 The Farmer’s Strife: Sunflower Journeys considers some of the economic challenges facing farm families as they attempt to adapt to a changing agricultural economy. Farm broadcaster Larry Steckline of Wichita describes the changes he has witnessed in the past four decades, while Mary Fund of the Kansas Rural Center challenges the notion that farmers must “get big or get out.”

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