Sunflower Journeys Program 1312

Sunflower Journeys Program 1312

  • $ 1000

Y2K in Kansas: See what happened at the state capitol on New Year’s Eve when hundreds of revelers came to dine, dance and merrily usher in the new year. While concerns about the “Y2K bug” lingered in the background, those in charge of emergency preparedness for the state kept their vigil in a command center not far from the capitol building. Exploration Place, Wichita: Pay a visit to Wichita’s new 20-acre complex known as Exploration Place. Its president describes this $62 million facility as a multidisciplinary center “for inspiring people to explore the world in ways that they wouldn’t normally do in their everyday lives.” KC 150 Celebration: A look at plans for a grand celebration this year in honor of Kansas City’s 150th birthday. Members of an organization known as “KC150” describe some of the activities associated with the celebration,

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