Sunflower Journeys Program 1313

Sunflower Journeys Program 1313

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Pilgrims & Prophets: The first story considers the attitudes that people have about the transition into a new millennium and their beliefs about how they should prepare for it. While some focus on dire predictions about the end of the world, others celebrate this transition as a time of hope and renewal. Roots & Shoots—Jane Goodall: The well-known primatologist Jane Goodall comes to the Sunset Zoo in Manhattan to spend the day with a large group of young students from local schools. She explains why she maintains a hopeful outlook for the future and encourages young people to become involved in organizations like “Roots and Shoots.” Earth Day: This story reviews the legacy of an environmental ethic that led to the creation of Earth Day. As we mark the 30th anniversary of this event, Sunflower Journeys returns to the Sunset Zoo for a special observance and consider how events like this have a bearing upon the future of the planet.

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