Sunflower Journeys Program 1409

Sunflower Journeys Program 1409

  • $ 1000

Scouting in Kansas: The journey continues in Larned at the Central States Scout Museum, which touts the largest collection of scouting memorabilia west of the Mississippi. Sunflower Journeys talks to the museum’s curator and explores the history of scouting in Kansas. The Biggest Well: Next it’s a stop at the World’s Largest Hand-dug Well in Greensburg for a real live treasure hunt. Divers and community members venture to the bottom of the well to unearth a 25-yearold time capsule, as well as a century’s worth of artifacts and money tossed into the well. Wildlife Photographers: Sunflower Journeys lands in Pratt to talk with two veteran photographers from the Kansas Department Wildlife and Parks. The photographers share their knowledge of the state’s diverse wildlife and their passion to capture its beauty.

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