Sunflower Journeys Program 1909 & 1910

Sunflower Journeys Program 1909 & 1910

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Episode #1909- "Climatic Kansas"
Sunflower Journeys looks into climate changes from a geological perspective in the first segment of this show. Next, we reflect on the 1966 tornado that cut a huge swath through Topeka and forever changed the city. And finally, we climb aboard a city truck and meet a Tina Criqui who leads a trio of snowplows through the snowy streets of Topeka in our Plains People segment.

Episode #1910- "Music, Art and Dance"
The Topeka Symphony celebrates its 60th anniversary and Sunflower Journeys looks at the history of this community orchestra. Next, we learn about Bradbury Thompson, a graphic artist who has Kansas roots ­ and left his stamp on the Washburn campus. And for our last Plains People segment of the season, we dance! We learn about ballroom dancing and see if the decades-old dance style remains popular among younger generations.

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