Sunflower Journeys Programs   2111-2113

Sunflower Journeys Programs 2111-2113

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2111: “Outside the Box”

Little Red Schoolhouse: Racially integrated preschools were not common in the late 1940s when the Lawrence Community Nursery School, nicknamed “The Little Red Schoolhouse,” set up shop in various church basements. In this segment, we look at the history of the Little Red Schoolhouse and learn about its mission to provide low-cost early education to diverse populations.
Aaron Douglas: We learn about the noted illustrator and artist , who was once called “The Dean of African-American Painters.” Born in Topeka, Aaron Douglas (1899-1979) was part of the “New Negro Movement,” also known as the “Harlem Renaissance,” which took place from 1925 into the late 1930s.
Plains People - Jay Armbrister: We meet a Douglas County sheriff’s deputy who works to prevent traffic accidents as part of his job, but in his spare time he finds himself smashing up cars as a demolition derby driver.

2112: “Imagination & Moving Images”

Paul Boyer: Located on US Highway 81 in north central Kansas, Belleville is the county seat of Republic County. It’s also the home of the Boyer Museum of Animated Carvings, an amazing collection of hand-carved displays motivated by rods, gears and all sorts of mechanical mechanisms that bring the figures to life. We meet the creator of these amazing pieces and tour the museum.
Edington Spencer Studio: We meet Mark and Patti Spencer who carry on a family tradition of photography that began in the 1890s. We see how changing technology and changing times have altered their approach to photography.
Plains People - Jay Antle: In this segment we tag along with a storm chaser from Lawrence, Kansas, who is on the road observing a developing storm. Later that night, the storm creates a tornado that touches down in Chapman and Manhattan, Kansas.

2113: “Different Perspectives”

Julia - Foreign Exchange Student: In this story, we meet a young woman from Russia who’s come to live with a Lecompton, Kansas, family while she attends the local high school. Yuliya Yermakova (Julia) compares her high school experiences here with schools she has experienced in Russia.
Joe Hedrick’s Animals: We travel to “Hedrick’s Bed & Breakfast Inn” near Nickerson, Kansas, where a native Kansas rancher has developed his own exotic animal farm. Joe Hedrick describes his background growing up with animals and how the collection he later would gather turned into a destination attraction.
Plains People - Dr. Gilbert Parks: In this segment, we meet Dr. Gilbert Parks of Topeka, Kansas, who draws upon years of experience in the rodeo arena to help train the next generation of up-and-coming rodeo riders.

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