Sunflower Journeys Programs 2303-2304

Sunflower Journeys Programs 2303-2304

  • $ 2000

# 2303 - We travel to Waterville, Kansas, to see how that community appeals to tourists by refurbishing its historic structures and connecting with its railroading heritage; take you to a dedication ceremony for a conservation easement that's preserving a large tract of tallgrass prairie near Fort Riley; and introduce you to Steve Hund, Jr., who enjoys restoring antique stoves in Paxico.


 #2304 - We travel to the Flint Hills near Matfield Green to learn about Pioneer Bluffs, which served as the home of a pioneering ranching family for many years and now serves as an education center; then we celebrate the 75th birthday of the Natural Resources Conservation Service, an agency that works with landowners to maintain healthy ecosystems; and we meet Jeffrey Bender, an employee of Kansas Wildlife and Parks, as he oversees the inauguration of the new Kaw River State Park in Topeka.

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