Sunflower Journeys Programs 2405-2406

Sunflower Journeys Programs 2405-2406

  • $ 2000

#2405: “Native Cultures”

Indian Culture Camp: Visit a summer camp for kids that’s hosted by the Indian Center of
Kansas City. For 30 years, participants have been able to partake in a camp experience that’s steeped
in traditions related to native culture.

Firekeeper Golf Course: Learn about a new golf course on the Prairie Band Potawatomi
Reservation, where we visit a kick-off golf celebration and tournament that included professional
golfer Notah Begay III as one of several notable participants.

Plains People - Benny Smith: Meet Benny Smith, a Cherokee and fifth-generation farrier,
who at age 73 still feels comfortable shoeing horses and sharing his family’s’ traditions.

#2406: “Field Lab, Farm Aid & Food Producer”

KU Field Station:
Learn how the University of Kansas Field Station utilizes 3,000 acres of
land in Kansas for environmental research & education. Most of the property is just north of Lawrence
and allows students and researchers to test theories and learn about many ecosystems in an
outdoor-lab situation.

Farm Aid: We dropped in on the Farm Aid concert in Wyandotte County where Willie Nelson
and some of his friends joined together to raise awareness about the plight of family farms in an
ongoing mission to keep farm families on their land.

Plains People - Ryan Hanna: Tag along with Ryan Hanna, who spends some of his free
time each week tending bison near Baldwin City, and see why this avocation means so much to him
and his family.

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