Sunflower Journeys Programs 2411, 2412 & 2413

Sunflower Journeys Programs 2411, 2412 & 2413

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Program #2411: “Art in Action”

Topeka Civic Theatre: Learn about the 75-year history of this local community theater. Having been housed in many different structures through the years, the renovated school building that it now occupies provides space for a wide range of programs.

Funding the Arts: Following Gov. Sam Brownback’s executive order to reorganize funding of the arts in Kansas, a former director of the Kansas Arts Commission describes what happened in response.

Plains People - Aaron Fowler: Meet a musician who teaches kids how to turn life stories into songs, learning about the history of their community in the process.

Program #2412: “Notable Kansans”

Gunsmoke & Marshall Dillon: Visit Dodge City, KS to reflect on the life of James Arness and the impact of the television show “Gunsmoke.” Decades after its appearance on network television, the town still receives tourists who have interest in the TV show.

Hale Ritchie House: Follow a group of schoolchildren on a tour of a new education center established in the Hale Ritchie house in Topeka, KS, a two-story structure built in 1887.

Plains People - Elmer Green: Meet the man who pioneered the practice of biofeedback at Menninger Clinic in Topeka, KS, and developed insights into Alzheimer’s disease.

Program #2413: “Rural Opportunity”

Sesquicentennial Parade: We visited Wichita to see the “Sunflower Parade,” which brought together representatives from many rural communities in a grand celebration for the Kansas sesquicentennial year.

Rural Post Offices: Take a trip to Home, KS, to learn how that community is dealing with the news that they may lose their local post office. James Schram, the president of the local seed and fertilizer company, talks about the loss the community would feel.

Plains People - John & Sonja Woods: Wanting to return to Kansas, John and Sonja Woods find a deal they can’t refuse. The couple won a bid on a former parsonage located in Lindsborg, KS. The only problem - the 100 year-old structure has to be relocated from one part of town to another.

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