Sunflower Journeys Programs 2101-2102

Sunflower Journeys Programs 2101-2102

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2101: “Fame & Notoriety”

Ambrose Sisters: We’ll examine the lives of two sisters from Newton, KS, who ignored society’s expectations of women in the early 20th century and left home for New York City to seek fame and fortune. Their nephew, Robert Puckett of Wichita, shares photographs and family history of these two accomplished women.
Vern Miller: In this segment, we’ll meet Vern Miller, a man who became Attorney General of Kansas in the 1970s with enough tough tactics that he earned the nickname “SuperCop.”
Plains People - Marilyn Maye: Born in Wichita, KS, and having had early voice training in Topeka, Kansas, Marilyn Maye is in a personal renaissance as she continues to fill venues from Kansas City to New York City. We meet Marilyn in this Plains People segment as she sings her way through the year of her 80th birthday.

2102: “Community Niches”

Aggieville: This small shopping district adjacent to Kansas State University has a history of changing to meet not only the needs of students attending school, but the rest of the Manhattan, KS, community as well. KSU Professor David Procter and local historian Dan Walter talk about how this small center of commerce fits into the community as a whole and how changes in liquor laws have helped shape that change.
UFM Community Learning Center: In the 1960’s, when campuses were facing student unrest and protest, a professor at Kansas State University in Manhattan came up with the idea for a teaching institution that combined the academic elements of a college campus with the broad-based knowledge of a vibrant, intelligent community.
Plains People - Courtney Neill: In this segment you’ll meet an entrepreneur who took the small Southeastern Kansas town of Toronto by storm when she opened a restaurant that places this community on the culinary maps of Kansas with her delicious Italian cuisine.

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