Sunflower Journeys Programs  2103-2104

Sunflower Journeys Programs 2103-2104

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2103 : “Native Stone & Native Plants”

Invasive Species: We learn a few things about invasive species of plants and the threats they impose to native plants with Kelly Kindscher of the Kansas Biological Survey and Jeff Hansen of the Kansas Native Plant Society.
Native Stone Scenic Byway: We journey across a portion of the Flint Hills as we travel along the Native Stone Scenic Byway. We start out on its eastern end, which begins along Kansas Highway 4 near Mission Creek, not far to the southwest of Topeka. Deborah Divine of Kansas Scenic Byways describes the route and the sights that can been seen while driving through this rolling prairie roadway.
Plains People - Vonada Stone Company: We meet Duane Vonada and his family in Sylvan Grove, KS, as we learn how they have made a business of quarrying post rock and shaping it into useful signs, birdbaths and decorative post rock displays.

2104: “Environmental Kansas”

Environmental Change: We meet some younger Kansans putting their concerns about the environment into action, looking for ways to reverse our negative impact on the earth. James Sherow, professor of history at Kansas State University, reflects on how much time it takes to make changes.
Solar School Project: With the help of some local community partners, Southwest Junior High in Lawrence recently added solar power to its mix of energy sources, involving students in the process. Sarah Hill-Nelson of the Bonneville Environmental Foundation, one of the community partners, hopes the project will push students to look at energy consumption and think about where we will get our energy in the future.
Plains People - Kate Delehunt: We meet Kate Delehunt, a woman with a passion for river conservation. She works with students and teachers educating them about the human impact on waterways and different ways to clean and rehabilitate the rivers.

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